Wednesday, March 16, 2016

100 ideas for the next 100 blog posts!

So, below is a complete list of the 100 ideas I've thought of that could be next for the blog, as mentioned in the previous post. I'll admit some of them may be rather challenging and some too simple, so I'd love to hear your thoughts, dear readers. Anything you'd like to see go up sooner rather than later?

You may recognize a couple of them from the previous post.

1. tiramisu cupcakes
2. char siu & roasted broccolini congee
3. venison, wine & berry gravy
4. gorgonzola & pan fried homemade gnocchi
5. moist apple ginger spice bread
6. five spice roasted pork belly
7. smoked trout salad with citrus vinaigrette
8. molasses & black garlic teriyaki sauce
9. peach, ginger & black tea jam
10. lychee, raspberry & jasmine tea spread
11. french toast casserole sticks
12. spicy beef mac n cheese bites
13. spicy soy & honey glazed salmon
14. layered veggie baked ziti
15. pan fried garlic chicken
16. best fruitcake
17. niku dango
18. avocado toast with miso aoli
19. spicy sausage and cabbage in cream sauce
20. german potato salad
21. gourmet hot dish (Greek style)
22. choux pastry waffles
23. traditional aji de gallina
24. linguini alla vongole
25. authentic Italian meatballs
26. minestrone
27. bubble and squeak croquettes
28. chicken cacciatore
29. curry bi hon
30. budin azteca
31. enchiladas de jaiba
32. guava filled churros with lime glaze
33. bean sprouts sauteed in shrimp dashi with black pepper
34. butternut squash ravioli in brown butter with gingersnap sand
35. White peach, arugula & smoked mozzarella pizza
36. french peas with escarole
37. mom’s perfect zucchini bread
38. grandma’s zesty roast chicken
39. mexican style sloppy joe’s
40. quick pickled red onions
41. pickled cauliflower
42. brussels sprouts, chevre, walnut and sherry caramelized shallot turnovers
43. bagna cauda
44. crispy pan fried trout hollandaise with haricot vert
45. chicken katsu w/ pineapple teriyaki sauce
46. mom’s tofu pot pie
47. okonomiyaki
48. pan seared salmon, balsamic reduction and baby leeks in cream
49. maple candied bacon and salted peanut donuts with maple sugar glaze
50. turkey, root vegetable & white bean soup
51. honey candied apricot tsimmes
52. stuffed cabbage
53. Italian style lasagne
54. traditional arancini
55. matzoh ball soup
56. garlic fried rice
57. peanut butter cookie cups
58. takoyaki
59. flat bean and zucchini squash soup
60. coq au vin
61. cheesy roasted mushroom veggie burger
62. aji y pesacado causa
63. lomo saltado
64. cheddar stuffed soft pretzels
65. artichoke eggs benedict
66. shrimp al arrabiata
67. Linguini alla marcella with mozarella
68. shrimp grand marinier
69. pork sticky rice
70. coconut milk khao soi “soup”
71. garlic miso tonkatsu
72. scallion pancakes
73. pad see ew
74. crab samosas
75. burmese glass noodle salad
76. banana nutella french toast casserole
77. potato latkes with roasted apple sauce
78. whiskey & pheasant sausage
79. boudin
80. chicken apple sausage
81. moroccan chicken tagine
82. gulab jamun
83. lobster chowder
84. cioppino with roasted fennel & tomatoes
85. lamb chops with berry jam glaze
86. chicken & baby bok choy with white garlic sauce
87. new england clam chowder
88. curried chicken salad with spicy sweet toasted cashews
89. deep fried avocado with crab salad
90. pork soup dumplings
91. spicy roasted corn & cotija salad
92. sea bass with tomato, green onions & serranos en papillote
93. clementine infused roasted yams
94. beet & goat cheese kugel
95. chicken with green jade vegetables
96. coffee cinnamon truffles
97. enchiladas de suiza
98. chicken & biscuits
99. green bean casserole from scratch
100. carnitas & hoisin on steamed buns

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